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Asya here.

Thank you for dropping by. There were a million small and big moments that led you to arrive at this moment right now: on this website, sitting where you are, feeling how you're feeling.

How precious and special -- I am glad to be a part of the cosmic tapestry of moments of your life. Thank you for colliding your world with mine.

How do I spend the moments of my life? Creating, exploring and capturing beauty. 

When I was just two months old my parents equipped me with one of the most important booklets of my life -- a passport. At the time I of course was too little to understand this string of papers would unlock myself and the world.

28 years later ( + a lot of luck/gratitude) I’ve traveled to over 50 countries and lived in eight (U.S., Iran, France, India, Indonesia, Portugal, Mexico & Brazil). And I have been photographing every step of the way, since I was just 12. 

The world is my home and I am deeply driven to help create a world where all humans can collide (virtually and physically) to enhance and celebrate our individual and collective beauty.