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All sessions take place on-location of your choice (often a favorite park) and are never rushed! In fact, breaks for refueling are encouraged. During your break, if desired, you can change into a new outfit to ensure a varied end result. Most sessions generally last 1-2 hours. The goal of each session is to capture the unique personality and charisma of each individual.

Each photo will be hand edited and processed with different software including both Photoshop and Lightroom. In most cases, editing and processing are complete within 2 weeks. At this time, approximately 30-40 photos will be uploaded to your very own private online gallery, allowing you the freedom to take your time picking out your favorite photographs. These galleries are made available to you for seven days and can be extended for a small charge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

We would like to book you to photograph us. What should we wear?

It is best to avoid busy patterns and logos as they can be distracting! Jeans, khakis, T-shirts, simple dresses and bare feet ( for kids!) are always beautiful! I would not recommend for everyone to wear the same color shirts, but instead colors that are in the same family.

We would love to have you photograph our newborn baby. What age is best?

Newborns photograph best in their bare skin within the first 2 weeks of age.

Why don't you use flash or all of that other equipment?

I specialize in natural lighting photography, meaning I only use daylight to expose my photographs, creating a fresh and urban look!

Any other questions or concerns, don't be afraid to send me an email and ask!